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What to do with the body.

 How to dispose of the body
Urns and Monuments for the Dead
Available from Artist/Writer, Farrell Hamann of California
Phone: 916-641-7696

I sincerely hope that you are doing well and are not over burdened or traumatized
You may or may not find something here that appeals to you, no problem, or you may change your mind, also, no problem. Odds are, you have plenty on you mind already. The philosophy of this site is that the living count as much as the departed and those needs need to be addressed and respected. Every situation is unique which means that there is no single way for anyone to deal with death. With this in mind, it's always a good idea to remind people that life needs to go on and that it's not only important to consider your own feelings in all of this, it is necessary. Be easy on yourself, others may not always be... Take the high road, and do the best you can for yourself to get through this. Some societies celebrate the Passing of a loved one in a respectful, lighthearted way, this seems to be a good idea.

Gold Monument
This is a very large piece. Currently modular on two sections because it's a heavy piece and only a weight lifter could lift it by themselves. It's hollow. If someone wanted to install their remains in something monumental, this might be the ticket. Yes, the two sections could be joined together. It is hand carved and cast by artist, Farrell Hamann. All the works on this site are by Farrell Hamann, Artist/Writer.  Asking $15,000 Buyer pays for shipping from Sacramento, California.

 Bower vine flowers growing on our hibiscus in Sacramento, CA. We waited six years and got two flowers the first year it bloomed. 

Copper Monument 

Carved Sphere Monument

 Red Clover
Silver Monument
Approximately 50 inches tall. $12,000

Spring Meadow along the American River Parkway

Little Monument

Black Hemisphere Monument getting a bath
This piece would require a bit more time as it has no bottom. Not a major problem.

California poppies and blackberry flowers

 Carved Sphere Monument
This is a large piece, approximately 3 ft. tall. I took this pic at a funny angle because I didn't want to move it. $12,000. The Ball is loose on the pedestal


There are other pieces that could be converted to Urns or Monuments if you like. Most of the work would entail simple putting a bottom piece on the sculptures. 

Vase style urns. 
$250 each. 
My thoughts on these would be to put remains in the urn then install a plaster cap on the urn sealing in the cremains which secures them form tampering, etc. 

Mosaic urn

 Double Red Dragon Hibiscus

 Chest style urn with white cross
I would suggest that the lid be bonded on permanently after cremains are installed 

 Flowering tree in California

Star Urn, Gargoyle urn 
Star: $400, Gargoyle: $750
Note: The volume of the Gargoyle urn may be a limiting factor for the cremains of a large person. In some cases cremains can be partially scattered or divided up among family members.

Carved Sphere Urn

 Giant camphor tree

Small mosaic urn
Best suited for a small child or partial cremains. Similar work on the other side without the partial completed brown square and different colors.  $4500

 Purple flowers

 Mosaic urn

 Very mosaic small urn
Suitable for partial cremains $4500 

Another view of the giant camphor tree

Large mosaic sphere
As an artist, I'm thinking that I might like to make the grout color darker to bring out the blue tones. $7500

Aloe plants

 Mosaic sphere Urn 
Note: I've been trying not to break up this set of mosaic spheres (some quite large) but I think some of them would make great urns. This collection was named: "Spheres of influence" by Dr. Makepeace Tsao, a scientist, artist, and former gallery owner, and on the Board at the Berkley Art Museum. 

Fig ripening

Naturally, given time, I could make something for you in tune with your taste and desires.
Feel free to call me anytime to discuss possibilities. You're also welcome to visit my home/studio in Sacramento, CA (we do have 2 cats and 2 pug dogs just in case you have pet allergies.

Other Art Works

Some of the Mosaic egg collection
Two of these are in the White House collection, there are 2 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Oprah Winfrey his one.   "Unique collection" The J. Paul Getty Museum. "American Version of the Faberge eggs" KCRA TV. "Beautiful" Oprah Winfrey. "Fascinating Mosaic eggs" The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  "A world of visual gems" The Sacramento Bee

 Detail, Camel Mosaic

Giant lighted sphere and smaller one in background

25 Room Palace 

 Chateau on Rock

Interior detail castle

2 ft. X 2 ft. mosaic panel for a set of 12

 Part of the 10 building Castle Village Collection

Artist/Author, Farrell Hamann

 Acrylic painting, Dot Wilberger

 Wall hanging, acrylic on unbleached muslin

 Old logo Country Club Plaza, Sacramento. Tile mosaic

Thanks for visiting my site and please know you have my best wishes for and sympathy for your loss. Please do feel free to call the number near the top of this page. Special requests are usually not a problem. We can work it out.  Farrell Hamann

 Urnen und Denkm√§ler von Kalifornien K√ľnstler, Farrell Hamann

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